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hi, this is Sanjay

I am a 3nd year student at IET DAVV Indore. I am a passionate coder. I like to code because it develops your mind and enhances your problem-solving skills. I explore not only the “what” but also the “why” and the “how” of programming.

I am a Full Stack developer and an Open Source enthusiast. I have been selected for various open-source programs such as Google Summer of Code (GSoC), Linux Foundation (LFX), and MLH. Being in various open-source programs I have gained experience in solving challenging problems and a critical thinking approach to new problems. Working with different open-source organizations, I have experience in working on new features, shipping production-ready code, and working with large code bases. I am well versed in coordinating with various teams at different levels to ship a new feature in the least time

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